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March 2015

Our piece and La Pocha Nostra.

“We become the spectacle of our identities using our highly decorated bodies. In this sense we are always, physically, culturally and technologically hybrid beings.” (The Pocha Nostra Manifesto, 2012) This week we were introduced to La Pocha Nostra and they… Continue Reading →

Performance Creation: The Value of Art

After initially struggling to come up with a good concept, my partner and I realised that what we really wanted to look at was the value of art and what makes it valuable. This was inspired by John Berger’s Ways… Continue Reading →

Letter to myself and Danny – 27th March

I wrote a letter of our progress so far, and will review this after the performance has been completed and see whether the process from now until the end has changed and evaluate our success/failure.

We just want to share a cup of tea with you…

This week, Danny and I had quite an unsuccessful development in relation to the community of Lincoln. We went to a similar number of houses this week but out of the fourty doors we knocked on, thirty-one answered and only… Continue Reading →

Development in research

Govan introduced the idea of the place being ‘known’ by the performer and posed questions like; how long until we know the site? How long until you can lie about a space? What happens when a site specific performance is… Continue Reading →

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