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May 2015

Final Blog Submission: How to Explain a Dead Hare to Pictures

Framing Statement   ¬†Image by Fenia Kotsopoulou, 9 May 2015 This performance was created as a critique of the labelling of art, more specifically the over intellectualising inextricably linked to museums and the practice of labelling. Inspired and vivified by… Continue Reading →

Final Blog Post – ‘A Spoonful of Beauty’

Framing Statement Our final performance concept aimed to show how women are seen by a predominately patriarchal society. The nude paintings in the Usher Gallery provided the stimulus for our piece because it raised ideas about perception of women and… Continue Reading →

Skin Deep(er) – Final Blog

  Skin Deep(er)   Framing Statement A performative piece of art with five performers that explores identity under the constraints of social conventions, by forming their own appearance and having it altered by the other bodies, exploring the way in… Continue Reading →

Picture This: A Final Blog Submission

Final Blog Submission Picture This: An Adventure Guide to the Gallery.¬† Kotsopoulou, F. From Site Specific (The Collection & Usher Gallery) (2015)     Framing Statement Our performance was based on the use of our adventure guide to the gallery… Continue Reading →

Final Blog – Communitea

COMMUNITEA Framing Statement Doors knocked on: 218 Doors not answered: 49 Doors opened: 169 Doors rejected: 154 Doors where we were welcomed: 15 People interviewed: 24 We set out to understand Lincoln as a society and community by using a… Continue Reading →

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