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Jessica Carter

Final Blog Post

Why? Why? Why? Initially our site specific performance took its main inspiration from the statue of Venus and Cupid by John Gibson held in the Usher Gallery. The statue embodies everything to do with love, beauty and fertility between these… Continue Reading →

All talk…

All talkā€¦   After weeks of attempting to get a performance together and discussing numerous ideas in-depth we finally realised that we need to DO. Within our process we needed to get up and try out ideas, rather than just… Continue Reading →

Documenting a scavenger hunt

Every artist selects their documentation differently, from pictures or videos to even using plastic dolls. For British artist Joshua Sofaer he decided to invite his participants on a scavenger hunt, where they would find and collect the objects in question…. Continue Reading →

Issues encountered in doing site specific work

In every performance there are going to be issues especially when we are doing site-based work. The location has a HUGE impact on our work and when problems do arise it can be worrying, as it can be damaging to… Continue Reading →

Re-performance and Archives.

When the performance has ended many people would agree that the event is over, disappeared forever. Although what about documentation? Surely if a performance is saved, recorded or documented the piece will last forever? Rebecca Schneider discusses the use of… Continue Reading →

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