performing the gallery


April 2015

All dressed up!

  We managed to do a full dress run. Our costume consists of myself wearing a white robe with high heels and Juliette wearing a long dress barefoot. The reasoning behind this costume is to show different aspects of femininity… Continue Reading →

Uncle Roy All Around you

I found this particular piece very interesting, as it was one of the more technology heavy pieces i’d encountered. “The city is an arena where the unfamiliar flourishes, where the disjointed and the disrupted are constantly threatening to overwhelm us…. Continue Reading →

Defining and Valuing Art

Everyone has a different perspective on what they would classify as art. For some art is beautiful pieces of work that have been masterfully painted and hung in galleries, for others anything could be art, from a doodle in a… Continue Reading →

All talk…

All talk…   After weeks of attempting to get a performance together and discussing numerous ideas in-depth we finally realised that we need to DO. Within our process we needed to get up and try out ideas, rather than just… Continue Reading →

We’re finally doing it!

Thinking about our interests in the process of physical beauty and perfection we attempted a few interesting exercises to trigger thought about what being a woman consists of. Bringing a collection of items revolving the idea of womanhood to our… Continue Reading →

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