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Skin Deep(er) – Final Blog

  Skin Deep(er)   Framing Statement A performative piece of art with five performers that explores identity under the constraints of social conventions, by forming their own appearance and having it altered by the other bodies, exploring the way in… Continue Reading →

Final Blog – Polemos

Polemos   In the first week of the module as I explored the space for the first time something that was evident to me was just how dead and static everything was as is the same in any gallery. All… Continue Reading →

Skin Deep(er) – Final Blog Post

Fetishised, Masculine, Meditative, Queer, Rebellious. Five vessels are used to explore their own identities and those imposed upon them. We invite you to come and observe this silent piece of performance art.   A performative piece of art with five performers… Continue Reading →

Final Blog Post

Why? Why? Why? Initially our site specific performance took its main inspiration from the statue of Venus and Cupid by John Gibson held in the Usher Gallery. The statue embodies everything to do with love, beauty and fertility between these… Continue Reading →

Further Narratives

‘story-telling is indicative of a recent development in socially engaged site-specific art’ (Till, 2008, 102) using our book we’re engaging the audience by using stories and or narratives, which activates ones social memory for example the audience will engage emotionally… Continue Reading →

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