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March 2015

Risk Assessment and New performance space

This is the risk assessment I created for our new space but is relevant for our previous practices within the women’s toilets in the both the Collection Museum and Usher Gallery. We have had to change our performance space due… Continue Reading →

Framing our performance

Today we explored how to frame our performance. This will make it obvious that we will be performing a piece of site-specific performance art and not just an activity that could be ignored. It was evident to us that this was something we needed… Continue Reading →

Writing as a woman…

Image from: As our performance is feminist we had to look at a specific way of writing a text and learned the new language of Ecriture Feminine. Helene Cixous is the creator of Ecriture Feminine. This type of writing frees… Continue Reading →

Issues encountered in doing site specific work

In every performance there are going to be issues especially when we are doing site-based work. The location has a HUGE impact on our work and when problems do arise it can be worrying, as it can be damaging to… Continue Reading →

Reflections and performance of Goat Island Letter to a Young Practitioner.

Goat Island’s ‘Letter to a young Practitioner’ is a collaborative piece of writing by a group of Artists and was delivered for the first time at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago on March 16th, 2000. We were… Continue Reading →

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