This is the risk assessment I created for our new space but is relevant for our previous practices within the women’s toilets in the both the Collection Museum and Usher Gallery.

risk assessment

We have had to change our performance space due to risks, after emailing Ash and he discussed it with others, due to making the visitors feel uncomfortable and because we use food within the toilets. We have now moved to the toilets within the education section that is situated in the basement. This is so we can still perform within the toilets but on a day that the public will not be using them. We can only practice with ideas within the toilets on Mondays, Wednesday after 2:30, Friday and Saturday now that the space has changed. On the performance day we will have signs leading to the toilets so we can perform, at least a section of our performance, to an audience however as we do not use audience participation we don’t necessarily need an audience.

As we have practiced and played with ideas previously with visitors spectating we can use their responses as feedback to enhance our performance.



The space is smaller than the ones we have used but is fine for our piece, our performance will not need to be changed or adapted due to the space taking the same layout.