The Museum.

The Museum.

The collection museum is a place for visitors to spectate and enjoy the history it is showing. Specifically, the collection exhibits the history of Lincolnshire with artefacts found in Lincolnshire, art work and sculptures created by people of Lincolnshire. I believe it is a place where you are able to walk in with a clear mind set of the county and walk out with a greater appreciation and understanding of Lincoln.

People have made Lincolnshire their home and made it their own for nearly a million years; We have evidence of their lives and traces of their beings all around us, some acknowledged and identified and some still hidden, waiting to be found

Everywhere we stand, someone has stood before.

Everywhere we see, has been viewed differently by someone else.

Everything we have ignored, has been acknowledged by others.

Everything around us silently tells history and stories of the lives from the past.

The archeological gallery exhibits an insight to Lincolnshire’s captivating heritage through not only artefacts, but the building itself, being partially sat on the site of a scheduled ancient monument. A building inspired and centred around a county so rich in heritage, Lincoln. As John Berger said in Ways of seeing. Ep1, ‘Everything around the image [In this case, the museum] is part of it’s meaning. It’s uniqueness is part of the uniqueness of the single place where it is. Everything around it conforms and consolidates it’s meaning’  (tw1975, 2012). 

The Cathedral of lincoln is, as John Ruskin once said ‘out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles’(Lincoln Cathedral, 2015). It is also one of the main attractions that bring people to Lincoln and remember it. Therefore to have the collection museum reflect Lincolnshire for it’s history and existence, I believe it is reflecting and is as important as the Cathedral of Lincoln and the architectural design is a beautiful thing, as you can see in the image, as it promotes and presents the Cathedral as an artifactual/art piece, with a beautiful clear view from the foyer, with the edges of the window to act as a frame; people are able to exhibit the museum and leave with a beautiful view of one of the most famous and rich in heritage buildings in Lincoln.