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Final Blog Post

Framing Text   #NoFilter   Starting with the inspiration of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, we have created a performance that explores the struggles that women face to achieve perfection. In our exploration of women in… Continue Reading →

The Museum on Lincolnshire.

The collection museum is a place for visitors to spectate and enjoy the history it is showing. Specifically, the collection exhibits the history of Lincolnshire with artefacts found in Lincolnshire, art work and sculptures created by people of Lincolnshire. I… Continue Reading →

Performance idea, using the art work surrounding the museum.

When thinking about ideas for a performance, I enjoyed the idea of physically performing the context of a certain piece of art that stood out to me. I had an instant connection with George Shaw’s Untitled (The Bed) piece due… Continue Reading →

Understanding the Site

After receiving the question ‘What does the museum tell you about collections?’ in the envelope given in the seminar, I began to explore the question focusing not only on the artefacts in the museum, but also on the paintings and… Continue Reading →

Site Specific Performance.

A site specified performance allows ‘possibilities for responding to and interrogating a range of current spatial concerns’ (Wilkie, 2008, pp89).

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