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Arts Admin (2015) How to shop. [online] Available from: [Accessed 17 April 2015]. Aslett, D. (1982) Is there life after housework? Watford: Exley Publications ltd. Aston, E. (1999) Feminist Theatre Practice A Handbook. London: Routledge. Barrett, M. and Baker, B. (eds.) (2007) Bobby Baker… Continue Reading →

Evaluation of Performance

A Spoonful of Beauty  (With thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou, photographer) Our performance ran smoothly due to our focus and precision. Although we wished to perform to an audience during all three intervals we only managed to have one spectator during… Continue Reading →

Analysis of Process – Continued

All Dressed Up! – Ourselves and the space… Our costume consists of myself wearing a white robe with high heels and Juliette wearing a long dress barefoot. The reasoning behind this costume is to show different aspects of femininity and… Continue Reading →

Analysis of Process

First Thoughts (The Collection, 2015, With my initial understanding of site-specific I know that, as Pearson states, “the material traces evoke worlds that are intangible and unlocatable: worlds of memory, pleasure, sensation, imagination, affect and insight” (Pearson, 2010, 10)…. Continue Reading →

Framing Statement

A Spoonful of Beauty  Our final performance idea was to explore the roles of women from past to present, focusing on the use of make-up. We were inspired by Bobby Baker as we were intrigued with the way she uses… Continue Reading →

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