A Spoonful of Beauty 


(With thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou, photographer)

Our performance ran smoothly due to our focus and precision. Although we wished to perform to an audience during all three intervals we only managed to have one spectator during the first interval, none during the second and we were examined during the third.

During the first interval we performed only a section of our performance, stopping before the applying of berries over our bodies and the putting of jam into the shoes. This is due to not having the time between intervals to clean the mess we would have made. Despite this the spectator reacted well and was free to explore the space whilst we performed our text. Although we didn’t have an audience for our second interval we performed regardless.


(With thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou, photographer)

Whilst preparing our space for the performance we encountered an issue with two members of the Collection staff and one visitor entering the toilets, as though they were open for public use. We found this confusing at first due to being told initially that these toilets were not open for the public on Saturdays however, we placed a sign on the outside of the toilet door to make aware that there was a performance going on within. We also had signs on the doors above the stairs. If I were to perform this again I would increase the amount of signs throughout the museum and include more detailing on them.

The performing of our text, the applying of berries and the putting of jam into the shoes were the strengths of the piece, due to these being fluent and precise.

6       IMG_9991

(With thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou, photographer)                        (With thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou, photographer)

If this piece were performed again I would want to alter the beginning and end. This is because I felt that there was a slight awkwardness with the placing of the berry into the jar and the leading into the toilet. This was also the case at the end of the piece when leading the spectators out of the toilet after they had collected their jars. The entrance and exit of our performance could have been altered with more interaction with the audience and more guidance. Another weakness of our performance was the washing of the feet and hands. I believe this could have been swifter with the transition. I also had to move through the audience to get to my saucepan, this should have been placed in a more accessible place.


(With thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou, photographer)

Overall, I believe we engaged well with the site as we responded to the female nude portraits exhibited within the Usher gallery. We also responded to the statistics of men-women who visit the museum, as women are the most frequent visitors with the paintings exhibited mainly by men.