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Final Blog Post – The Preserved, the Documented and the Ephemeral

Framing Statement The artist’s performance framing statement accompanying The Preserved, the Documented, and the Ephemeral: Andrew Bracey’s gallery of ReconFigured paintings was the previous exhibition shown in this space. They concerned the idea of preservation and value in art, in… Continue Reading →

Emotional and Analytical Reproductions

One of the Artists whose work has influenced the development of my performance is Sophie Calle, who I came across when researching the ephemeral in Peggy Phelan’s Unmarked. Particularly her work on paintings stolen in 1990 from the Garnder Museum… Continue Reading →

Development Process and Passion for the work

The process of making a performance is one that is fraught with changes throughout the piece’s development. This feels especially true for Site Specific, as any piece of research can provide a wealth of information and a new direction for… Continue Reading →

Values of Performance

Although not something that will be necessarily called upon in the final site specific performance that I partake in, there are certain performance conventions that were brought to light from watching Marina Abromavić in The Artist is Present. Primarily there… Continue Reading →

Usher Gallery Performance

At our first week at the gallery were given the task to create a half page performance text from stimuli given to us, of which there were two photos of exhibits in the Viewpoints exhibition. Also included were two questions,… Continue Reading →

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