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Final Blog Post – Communitea – Daniel Smith

COMMUNITEA Framing Statement “In nothing is the English genius for domesticity more notably declared than in the institution of this festival—almost one may call it so—of afternoon tea. Beneath simple roofs, the hour of tea has something in it of… Continue Reading →

Inspiration Found Abroad

Central to our performance is the use of audio coupled with visuals. Along with the pictures of hands around cups, the audio from the interviews will be layered, creating a sonic experience for the beholder that incorporates many voices in… Continue Reading →

A Sacred Practise

Our idea of portraying Lincoln’s community through art seemed like a simple idea, but we required a medium through which to show it. We discussed our troubles of finding this medium with our tutor, Aylwyn, and reached the conclusion that… Continue Reading →

Performance Ideas & The Value of Art

While organising ourselves into performance groups I was interested in finding someone with a shared enthusiasm of representations of certain artists within museums. In the average museum, it is no secret that white middle-class males’ works occupy the majority of… Continue Reading →

Site Dictates Performance: Thoughts on Ergonomics

In Site-Specific Performance, Pearson puts forth the idea that “the engagement of the performer at site is in essence ergonomic” (Pearson, 2010, 171). The relationship between the efficiency of the space and the performer’s objective is a significant one when… Continue Reading →

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