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Chloe Jade Nugent

#NoFilter – Final blog submission

On Saturday 9th May 2015 #NoFilter was performed to the public within the Usher Gallery in Lincoln City, United Kingdom. With strong influence from Marina Abramovic’s practice to utilise and push the physical boundaries of the human body as seen… Continue Reading →

We’re finally doing it!

Thinking about our interests in the process of physical beauty and perfection we attempted a few interesting exercises to trigger thought about what being a woman consists of. Bringing a collection of items revolving the idea of womanhood to our… Continue Reading →

Discussion, Discussion, Discussion…

During our process it seems as though we have fallen into the stereotypical idea that “men do, women communicate” (Cameron, 2007, 101). We have spent much of our time discussing ideas, developing them, creating an ideal version of the performance… Continue Reading →

Between Routes and Roots.

Site specific performances tend to embrace a particular site in order to portray a story regarding either the historical, social or the cultural aspects of that site in relation to its surroundings and community. Charles Goven iterates the importance of… Continue Reading →

The story of Cupid and Psyche.

John Gibson’s “Venus kissing Cupid” (Gibson, 1930) featured within the Usher Gallery is our focal point within our performance. We were drawn to the piece through its display of the woman’s physicality and the embrace of women and children. Researching… Continue Reading →

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