We finally got our piece up on it’s feet, and it fell right back down again. We found that talking about our influences and ideas doesnt always produce good work, and seeing our piece performed showed us that. We need to spend more time exploring our piece using the books of La Poche Nostra. The main influence ive taken from them is probably to expand my persona and make it bigger and more extreme. Our identities are clear but they need to be huge.

Another thing we need to focus on is making it more personal. We tried saying poetry today during our piece and it was terrible, I didnt feel connected to it at all and thats not right. Even if we dont speak we need to try and convey what we want to show with our face and our eye-contact. Our intentions currently are not clear enough and that will be rectified through rehearsal realistically. We need to stop talking about the piece and get up and do it, and do it again and do it again.