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William Mortimer

Final Performance Blog-Skin Deep(er)

Influenced by artists such as Marina Abramovich, Brett Bailey and Guillermo Gomez-Pena, we sought to create a deeply personal piece, that challenged us physically, emotionally and mentally. The result was Skin Deep(er), a performative piece of art with 5 performers… Continue Reading →

Life Imitates Art (Part 2)

Sir Alfred Munning’s ‘Does the Subject Matter?’ is the piece that I was given to examine last week. The piece is a reflection of Munning’s opinion on the state of modern art, with grotesque figures examining strange sculptures and paintings… Continue Reading →

Life Imitates Art

On the 28th January, I had my first visit to the Usher Gallery & The Collection. The Usher Gallery is primarily an Art gallery, showcasing many different styles of Art, while The Collection focuses more on archaeological pieces and history…. Continue Reading →

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