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Juliette Hill

Final Blog Post – ‘A Spoonful of Beauty’

Framing Statement Our final performance concept aimed to show how women are seen by a predominately patriarchal society. The nude paintings in the Usher Gallery provided the stimulus for our piece because it raised ideas about perception of women and… Continue Reading →

Dresses, High Heels And Lipstick

After completing our performance texts, we decided to trial a dress run, to see if all the elements of our performance would fit together and run smoothly. We changed into our costumes, mine being a long dress and cardigan with… Continue Reading →

“Woman must write herself”

In order to bring more meaning to our performance, we knew that a performance text was needed. Our first attempts at writing our text resulted in a magazine sounding piece filled with opinions and some facts rather than an actual… Continue Reading →

Beauty Frame

As discovered in our last exploration, we knew that we needed to frame our piece in order for the audience to know that a performance was happening. We wanted to use things around us to keep it relevant to our… Continue Reading →

Berry Blush Makeup

    Within this session of exploration we began by focusing on ourselves in the mirror for 10 minutes. Whilst doing this, some women came into the toilets, which provided us with a good opportunity for us to gauge their… Continue Reading →

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