After completing our performance texts, we decided to trial a dress run, to see if all the elements of our performance would fit together and run smoothly. We changed into our costumes, mine being a long dress and cardigan with bare feet and Leanne’s a short white robe with high heels. The thought behind this choice was to show the contradicting aspects of femininity. The short robe indicates sexual prowess and high heels the becoming of an adult woman. The long dress and cardigan however, insinuates moral virtue and bare feet shows a childlike innocent nature.


We repeated the actions that we had done before with the squashing of the raspberries and focusing on our reflection. We then introduced our new performance texts that we took turns to read aloud. While one if us was reading, the other would write words on the mirror in front of us in red lipstick. The words we wrote were key words that are at the heart of our performance, for example, “Patriarchal,’ ‘Conforming’ and ‘Discrimination.’ After doing this, we then focused on each other and applied the remaining squashed raspberries to the other person’s face, covering them. The reason behind this, was to show that we as women are our own worst enemy at times, and instead of helping one another, sabotage each other instead. We realized after doing this that not only was it hugely humorous to us, and could be portrayed as comedic rather than serious, but it was not the end message we wanted to send out. We decided that we would alternate each other’s individual applications of the raspberry ‘makeup’ to our faces until we were both coated in it, but then remove the raspberries from each other’s faces, leaving them bare, showing that the unity between women is strong and together it is much easier to fight oppression that patriarchal standards have set for us to follow.