While looking at wider opinion on the nature of truth and perspective, I happened upon an Aesop’s Fable: that of the Ape and Two Travellers. While travelling through a jungle, two travellers happened upon a community of apes, ruled by a king. The king wished to know what his people really thought of him, and so asked the two Travellers. The first, who could only ever tell lies, told the king that he was a magnificent creature, and his subjects adored him. The king was pleased, and gave the Liar a great gift. The other man, who could only tell the truth, thought that he would receive a gift for telling the truth, and so told the ape that both him and his subjects were magnificent creatures. Insulted that he would be considered of the same level as his subjects, the ape king ordered the second man be executed.
Reading this, I was reminded of our piece, and how we ask the audience to consider whether they want to hear the truth, or what is most pleasing to hear. It was a great coincidence that while doing additional research for my piece, I found a story that greatly coincides with the aims of the performance.