The Collection

Week 1 (28th Feb):

Having had our first site specific session yesterday I am feeling rather inspired. We have had an opportunity to explore the space (the collection) and the possibilities and inspirations it has to offer. Having said this I have not yet taken time to look around the Usher gallery, so there is still a lot for me to take in. The art work on display was minimal, as they have not yet completely set up the exhibition, but not without intrigue. A piece that particularly caught my eye was the image of a woman holding her engagement rings. We were told that this photo was related to a group of images depicting people and things they value, this image was emotional captivating and felt incredibly personal.

Although the exhibition and collections we saw were very interesting and inspiring, I personally was more interested by the talk given by Ash at the beginning of the session. He spoke about the relevance and power of museums, and their political and historical importance. Museums define who we are and keep our history alive. They preserve a huge deal of our identity and our roots. However we can also question whether they do this truthfully, as we know history can be bias and is often written by the winners. This leads us to think of museums in a philosophical sense and can create some very moral arguments. This was a lot for me to process, but I see this as a very positive thing. It has given me a great deal of inspiration and ideas that could be very useful in the creation of a piece of original theatre. The only issue I can see right now with using this as content would be the reflection on the collection. As they are being kind enough to let us use the space, I would not want to create any kind of negative implication toward the venue or the line of work itself.


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