For a module that was often slated by older students, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Site-Specific Performance was much more interesting than it had been made out to be. When we were given the chance to explore the site, I was impressed by the potential as I felt that the site could offer inspiration to an incredible range of performances due to it’s combination of Art and History. The Collection was particularly impressive as all the history it presented was localised to Lincoln, as opposed to the general history of Museums I have visited in the past.

I felt that the localisation of the Museum exhibits was notable as it could inspire a performance based on one of the events depicted within the Collection, for example I think it’d be interesting to see a performance based on a Viking or Celtic invasion, perhaps depicting a force similar to the Vikings/Celts “invading” the museum. Of course this is just an idea, as I’m not sure I completely grasp exactly what constitutes as a Site-Specific Performance in comparison to a performance in an unconventional setting. This is something, I hope, becomes clearer to me in the coming weeks, as I feel that it might hinder my progression through the module.