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Blast Theory: Karen

February 17th 2015 in Uncategorized

For this week’s research we went in our groups and researched one or two site specific theatre companies. Along with many other groups we looked at Blast Theory. While looking through their catalogue of work, their most reason project intrigued me.

It’s titled Karen.


Like many other pieces Blast Theory have done it mixed technology – in this sense an app – with storytelling. Karen is an app which acts like a personal life coach. “Karen is a system that gets to know you. She/it uses data about your behaviour – whether freely given or obtained by monitoring – to give you an experience that is personalised, adaptive and intriguing.” (Blast Theory, 2015).

It is the reason behind the creation of Karen that intrigued me, Blast theory say they are always intrigued in what is happening next with technology. With Karen they are looking at how information is gathered and used by businesses without our consent. Karen gathers information about you asking at some points quite personal questions.

It’s this kind of close link between the audience and the piece which intrigue me and my performance.

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