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Kate Kelly

Final Blog Submission – Picture This: An Adventure Guide to the Gallery

Framing Statement In this misguide adventure book, we are interested in making the audience or reader the lead role in a narrative that lets them interact and understand the work in new ways. We invite you to engage with the… Continue Reading →

Obstacles to Overcome.

The performance day is drawing closer and with that means our book is coming into the final stages. We came into some problems when we first tested the book out on other people in the class. We found that our… Continue Reading →

Letter to a Young Practitioner.

  Goat Island’s Letter to a Young Practitioner is a collaborative piece of writing by a group of artists, we were asked to go into our performance groups to read and reflect on this writing. The letter is a personal… Continue Reading →

Wrights and Sites

  When re working our performance the site specific theatre company that caught our attention was Wrights and Sites. Their work is shaped by the city that they are working in. In their manifesto they talk about “devising walking’s that… Continue Reading →

Choose your own adventure

From the feedback that we got from our second performance pitch idea we worked more on the idea of a book that the audience can create an individual performance for themselves. It felt like the guide would be more natural… Continue Reading →

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