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Kate Kelly

Our First Performance Pitch

For our first performance pitch idea we started off with our aims, which are that we want to look at the social conventions of art galleries. During our visits to the gallery we realised that we felt there were certain… Continue Reading →

The Artist is Present

I had many preconceptions of Marina Abramović before watching the documentary on The Artist is Present. Her piece of artwork where she sat for over 700 hours opposite member of the public in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. I thought… Continue Reading →

Blast Theory: Karen

For this week’s research we went in our groups and researched one or two site specific theatre companies. Along with many other groups we looked at Blast Theory. While looking through their catalogue of work, their most reason project intrigued… Continue Reading →

The People in the Gallery

Our first performance stimulus was to take a question or a task on a small strip of paper and to think about how it could be used in a small one minute performance. The question I got given was: If… Continue Reading →

First Thoughts on Site Specific Performance.

The introduction in Mike Pearson’s Site Specific Performance talks about many peoples different ideas about what site specific performance actually is. (Image Credit: The one view of site specific performance that I found the most interesting was just a small sentence… Continue Reading →

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