When re working our performance the site specific theatre company that caught our attention was Wrights and Sites. Their work is shaped by the city that they are working in. In their manifesto they talk about “devising walking’s that are specific to their routes, to their surroundings.” (Wrights and Sites, 2008) Which is exactly what we are hoping to do with our Choose Your Own Adventure book.

It was their work in Weston-Super-Mare called Everything you need to build a town is here that sparked my interest. Their approach in this project was a starting point in creating our own guide of the gallery. In Weston-Super-Mare they put up signs in certain places throughout the city, on these signs the messages were quite playful they are “designed to encourage the reader … to conduct an action or thought experiment” (Wonders of Weston, 2010). In our work we wanted to use this idea of using the reader to more about the artwork.

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