Last week we created a task for another individual to work on, by doing this it would aid our thought processes for our end performance piece. Within my task I wanted to break the conventions on how you would originally see art in a gallery (standing or seating looking at the art work in your eye line.) I did not want the experience to just be focused on the individual’s thoughts of a piece of art, but how the space effects the way you see an art piece.

My task.

Within The Viewpoints gallery the participant will select a space and level (sitting, standing, lying etc…) they want to base themselves. The participant will have the freedom to focus on anything within the Viewpoints, whether that is an artwork, object or part of the room’s architecture. The participant will be given one minute to experience that space and focus, after that one minute they will be given two pieces of paper to write down a sentence on their feeling of space and then on their focus. The written response from the participant forms my documentation for the performance.