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Emma Kinsey

#NoFilter- Final Blog

Framing Statement #NoFilter   Starting with the inspiration of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, we have created a performance that explores the struggles that women face to achieve perfection. In our exploration of women in art… Continue Reading →

Performance Research- Pygmalion

Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who created an ivory statue of a woman. He had romantic offers from women within his city, however he was never interested. The way he formed this statue was so realistic and beautiful that he… Continue Reading →

Final Pitch

Performing the museum   Group: Emma Kinsey, Winona Makanji, Chloe Nugent and Jessica Carter.   Final pitch Performance name: Detour. Main concept of the performance: The aim of our performance is to engage with individual senses (touch, smell and hearing)… Continue Reading →

First group pitch

Performing the museum Group: Chloe Nugent, Jessica Carter, Winona Makanji and Emma Kinsey   Pitch idea General idea The participants will be blindfolded and brought in front of various artworks during the performance. For each artwork we will select a… Continue Reading →

Individual tasks

Last week we created a task for another individual to work on, by doing this it would aid our thought processes for our end performance piece. Within my task I wanted to break the conventions on how you would originally… Continue Reading →

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