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March 2015

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

After our pitch to Conan and Ally, work was still needed to be done. We focused on makeup as our main working point and discarded the rest of our idea. We built up an idea from the action of putting… Continue Reading →

CiTEAble Performance

Danny and I began our first ‘tea with strangers’ mission on the 16th of March with our camera and voice recorder. We created an intro for when someone opened the door that goes as follows; ‘Hi there, sorry to bother… Continue Reading →

Berries as Make-Up

We began the session with our 10 minutes of focusing on our reflections, during this time 3 women came in to the toilets so it was the first time for us to get responses from those not in our class… Continue Reading →

Performing in the toilets

  The first idea we played around with was to stare at our reflection for a certain length of time, this was to represent women focusing on their femininity. Through this task we want to show how “a woman is… Continue Reading →

Why Performance

Following the reading on Why Performance by Mike Pearson, it has been understood that the following reasons why performance can be used as a method for examining and analysing a particular landscape. The landscape is researched and utilised for artistic… Continue Reading →

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